Sunshine Blogger Award

Autumn may be here, but I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Claire of The Pramshed! I enjoy reading Claire’s blog, and enjoyed stand-in co-hosting her fantastic linky #fortheloveofBLOG with her. I am thankful to receive this nomination because I’m in a bit of a blogging dry patch!

As part of the Sunshine Blogger Award, I am to answer 10 questions Claire has come up with. I then nominate 5 other bloggers to receive the award and answer 10 questions of my own.

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6 Cringe-Worthy Parenting Quote Memes Reimagined

Parenting quote memes – they’re everywhere! You’ll find them on almost every social media platform, especially Facebook. Some quotes are quite nice and inspiring but let’s face it, there’s some that are downright cheesy and laughable.

Here I share with you 6 cringe-worthy quotes and the reimagined, realistic versions in true meme-tastic form all thanks to the glorious Canva and some inspiration from my blogging pals.

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