One Year Blogiversary

Today, I have officially been blogging for a whole year. It’s my first year blogiversary! I have actually blogged on and off for many years, but this blog is the one that has been the most successful, in my opinion.

Mum & Mor started out as a silly little idea I thought up in early pregnancy, back in September of last year. I started out chronicling my pregnancy, but I didn’t update much. If lucky, I posted once a month! I simply felt like nobody was reading. I was too tired, too sick and had so much going on to take time to work on gaining readers.

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Weaning: The Beginning

Weaning. It was that one thing I was quite anxious about when realising I now had a small human to take care of.

Some parents say you shouldn’t start weaning before 6 months, others say it’s fine from 4 months. Some swear by baby-led weaning, some start their babies on mush, some do a combination of both. As usual in the world of parenting, there’s an opinion on everything and if you’re doing it totally wrong (in the person’s opinion, of course), rest assured they’ll let you know.

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Blogging Recognition: It Takes Patience

It’s awards season in the parent blogging world. The Tribal Chat Awards and the MAD Blogging Awards have passed, soon the Mumsnet Blogging Awards will be up for grabs. Naturally this has caused a buzz among mum and dad bloggers all over. Maybe you have seen a surge in voting requests on blogs and social media.

So many bloggers are desperate for recognition, myself included. There’s thousands of parent bloggers out there. I must admit, I do feel a little disappointed when I’m not nominated for an award, but I’ve only been actively blogging for less than a year so don’t really expect to be nominated for anything.

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4 Things That Surprised Me About Babies

Before I had a baby of my own, I rarely dealt with them. In fact, I tried to avoid babies as best I could. Any ‘knowledge’ I had of parenting came from occasionally watching One Born Every Minute and Supernanny out of boredom.

To be honest, babies intimidated me! I always considered them as delicate, little things that would most likely break if I attempted to hold them!

I have learned quite a few things about babies since having my daughter almost 5 months ago. I feel much more confident. Having your own really is a great learning experience, until the poo explosions happen of course.

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