Cuts: Not Just A British Thing

Cuts. You just can’t get away from them. I don’t mean hair cuts or cold cuts, but public service cuts. Some changes are occurring in my area next year that I’m not entirely happy with.

My local kommune (council) recently made cuts to save money and as a result they sacked A’s childminder. I am gutted, she is great!

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Stuff The Huff!

How chuffed I was being accepted as a blogger for The Huffington Post UK. It was a revered feat to me because it was not always guaranteed you would be accepted. If your blog pitch was accepted, you were given a log in and considered a Huffington Post blogger. Fancy!

I attempted twice to make it on The Huff with other post pitches, until finally my post, Dear Mum And Dad, What Would You Think Of Me? was deemed good enough for The Huff. I was so excited, I practically trembled when I received the acceptance email. It all seems rather silly now, especially with unfortunate news coming to light.

The Huffington Post UK has gone the way of its American counterpart by becoming less picky about what content they allow, but that is not the focus of this post. The popular news website has ceased allowing follow links in their writers’ posts.

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Feeling Useless During A Death

Sorry, this post isn’t very interesting or happy. I was hoping to have some more positive material for you, but life has bitten us on the backside… again.

Earlier this week my husband’s dad passed away. Though they didn’t have much contact, it hurt M greatly. I sadly didn’t have the opportunity to meet my father-in-law, nor did my daughter. I feel a sense of guilt, but then that’s part of the territory when it comes to death within the family.

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