Dog and Baby: A Special Friendship

I worried when I found out I was expecting A, about many things. One of those was how Loki, our Danish-Swedish Farmdog, would react to having a baby around the house. He was just a baby himself when I was expecting.

We were sadly close to cancelling him when he was a puppy. The deposit was paid to reserve the little fellow, then we found out we were expecting not long after! We worried about having a puppy and a baby around at the same time. Eventually it was decided we’d go ahead and have him, and I’m glad we did.

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This is something slightly different. I’m in a little bit of a dry patch with blogging, so I decided to start writing a post here and there in Danish, or dansk. There is now a dansk category to house these posts, too. Yay!

My grasp of the Danish language is limited right now, but I hope to see some progress as time goes on! I will add a translation in English below the Danish. These posts will be quite basic, perhaps even boring at first, but it’s good practice for me.

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Gaming Round-Up: Preparation For Legion

I honestly haven’t been playing games much since the last time I wrote a round-up. I have been too enthusiastic about blogging, tweaking the blog’s layout, improving my writing, etc.

When I had time to game between looking after baby, attending language school and writing, I played World of Warcraft. I have been preparing for the game’s new expansion pack, Legion, which is released on August 30th.

Warning: this post contains spoilers!

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Dear Mum And Dad, What Would You Think Of Me?

I was raised by my grandparents from the age of six weeks until their deaths, for reasons I would rather not go into. I always referred to them as mum and dad, for that’s who they were (and are) to me.

My grandmother passed away when I was 15, my grandfather when I was 19. Having to witness their slow, painful decline in health and eventual deaths was tough, and had a huge impact on me and my life.

They are no longer suffering, I can be thankful for that. However, now that I’m a parent I often find myself thinking, wondering about how they would react to my becoming a mum and the various ups and downs experienced.

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